Clarity and Direction

Executive Coaching

Over the past decade business coaching has become a valuable tool in unlocking the potential of those at executive level, and, as a consequence, improving the performance of the individual and the organisation.

Gill works with executives across a wide range of industry sectors. Her goals as an executive coach are the same as those of good management; to make the most of an organisation’s most important resource – its people.

Coaching is an acknowledged business investment; one that’s a valuable part of the process of developing an individual and helping him or her step up to the next level.

By identifying strengths and development needs, executive coaching enhances leadership skills, gives people the ability to manage more creatively in a challenging business environment, improves confidence and self-awareness and increases the ability to handle change.

Programmes are offered for both one-to-one coaching and groups of up to eight, either from the same organisation or a composite of several. The cross-pollination of ideas and solutions flowing from group sessions has proved to be a highlight for executives.
For an organisation, key benefits include improved leadership skills leading to higher team performance, reduced staff turnover and retention of their top people, and an increase in staff morale as employees become aware that their value to the organisation is recognised.

(A 2001 study of Fortune 1000 companies in the US, highlighted increases of up to 53% in productivity; retention of senior people up by 32% with bottom line productivity increased by 22%)

Coaching by Design believes executive coaching is not about one-size-fits-all solutions. It’s about tailored programmes designed to fit the individual and the organisation – real people in real situations. One-on-two coaching, plus programmes specifically tailored for executive women are also available.

And they’re all as close as the phone.

When business commitments mean people are away from the office,

Coaching by Design is still there for you – by phone or Skype