Clarity and Direction

What People Say

I have been working with Gill for over a year and it became my best year to date for improving myself in my career and my personal life.

Here are some examples of what she has helped me change in my life:

  • Setting my goals for medium and long term in my career for the first time by helping me understand what I actually want to do.
  • My planning skills improved from half a day to 2-4 weeks in the future.
  • Found out my core stress triggers and learned the tools to eliminate it in my life.
  • Converted a completely broken relationship with a colleague to a very close friendship in 6 months.
  • Changed from being bogged down under my own finances to easily managing them and enjoying life to the fullest at the same time.
  • Learned the tools to help me accept the challenges I am having but preventing them to block my vision of the future.

The best part of working with Gill is that she helps you find out and improve your core skills as a human and your minds understandings of your environment. This means you learn and improve as a human being and so that you can apply what you have learned to both your career and your personal life at equal efficiency.

I recommend Gill to my friends at almost every occasion because coaching with Gill is not about someone telling you tips for life, it’s a journey of self-discovery and improvement that she is there to listen and guide you.

Erinc O
Senior IT Architect

I have just completed a 3 month program with Gill as I was feeling somewhat stale in my work.

I have not only gained a host of new skills to deal with my working frustrations, but have been guided to realise that I had these skills in my possession the whole time without even realising it.
Gill opened my mind to a whole new previously unexplored dimension for me; the grey zone.
I now no longer look at issues in a one dimensional way, and can use various methods to reach decisions without getting stressed out by compounding problems, or letting other influences sway me in a direction I would prefer not to take.
I have realised that I have the ability to once again enjoy my job, without it dominating my life and spilling over into my personal space and therefore adversely affecting my home life.

I feel quite empowered by the whole experience; I’m back in control of my career, and a lot more relaxed about life in general as a result.

Kevin S

Laughter; colourful metaphors; compassion; caring & resolution are all part of my regular coaching sessions with Gill. These all help me to connect at an honest level with the outcomes I want to achieve thru coaching.

Lee B

I have been using Gill Garchow for the past 5 weeks and it is no coincidence the last month has been the busiest of my career. Gill has an ability to get the best out of you and help you realize the potential you have for growth and development. I highly recommend sitting down with gill to reach new heights in business and personal life.

Dr Chris Ramsay

I wholeheartedly recommend to you a conversation with Gill. She is undoubtedly well versed and well trained, however while utilising her skills demonstrates the capacity to move beyond them, and facilitate a meeting of persons. This for me is life; the connection with, and understanding of, another person. Gill listens with empathy, she allows you space, and offers guidance with subtlety and finesse. I remain surprised at the simplicity and potency of our encounters; I leave with direction, fresh insight, and with clarity renewed. 

Robin B

I just wanted to say thank you for your coaching again yesterday.

I find it very beneficial and reflective and actually superb!  I appreciate that you dare to unpack stuff and put a challenge in here and there so thank you.

Alison Jarden JP
Volunteer Services Manager
Mary Potter Hospice

I thoroughly recommend Gill.  I have been coached by Gill on a regular basis and have returned to her more than once over the years.

When you find a coach that can help you challenge your beliefs and create positive change and shifts in your life – you have to ensure that you continue with that coach. Life continually changes and presents new experiences that also need guidance.  Gill excels at clearing negative headspace and helping me find clarity when life throws its challenges at me again and again.  That is why Gill is not just an Executive Coach of the moment but an Executive Coach for life.

Sarah Lochead MacMillian
SLM Group Limited

Coaching has allowed me to have a fresh set of ears, an impartial point of view to listen to the things that may be holding me back, and identify a course of action to make things happen in my world.

John B
Senior Manager

Working with Gil is a voyage of discovery! I have found out so much about my strengths, weaknesses, the plethora of business skills and personal abilities that I had never acknowledged.
I have made many lifestyle changes, grown more confident and can see the “old me” bubbling up again! I am also working to live not living to work!
I highly recommend Gil to assist you on your voyage!

Sarah W
Business Owner

Gill has been my mentor in personal development. My thinking has shifted, I am focusing on present moment. Gill helped me to realize why I was stuck and gave me clarity to move on. Her coaching help me to awaken my old passions. By not reacting to situations I have enough energy to do things that give me pleasure. My life is more balanced now. I am grateful to Gill for being on my path.

Sonia J