Clarity and Direction

Meet Gill

Gill 2.16

 People, passion and possibility 

these 3 ps underpin the  philosophy of my coaching practice.

  I love working with people like you  enabling you to lead your life with positivity, purpose and fulfillment


Why choose to coach with me?

  • If you want someone who delivers creative thought leadership, I can help
  • When your confidence takes a dive I am just the person to lift you up and restore your equilibrium
  • People count on me to lead with inspiration, innovation and passion
  • I can turn your confusion into clarity
  • Even when the going gets tough, I promise to give you encouragement
  • And I can inspire fresh ideas to shift old thinking

And then

  •  When you find that people and relationships ‘just don’t get you’ my creative out of the box thinking can unlock blocks to reignite effective communications and create healthier relationships
  • When you are feeling stuck you can tap into my energy to get going again
  • I am better suited to serve you because you will obtain practical tangible results and
  • Clients tell me they leave feeling energised and ready to take action

So why choose to coach with me?

Because you are worth it……… and I am your catalyst for action!


When you come to see me you are coming to a qualified and credentialed coach who is committed to your success.


Coaching since 2006.  My qualifications/affiliations include

  • Certified Coach with Coach University (Coach U)
  • Licensed facilitator of the ‘Coaching Clinic’ Coach U
  • Associate Credentialed Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Certified Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) practitioner.
  • Shifting Gears facilitator and leadership programme coach
  • Trained conflict management coach.
  • Business mentor  – Business Mentors New Zealand
  • Business mentor and team leader (Vanuatu) for Pacific Business Mentor Programme
  • Training leader and coordinator for Pacific Business Mentor Programme
  • Chairperson for Franklin Family Support Trust
  • Social Entrepreneurs Coach
  • mBIT (Multiple braining integration techniques) coach
  • ACT (Acceptance and Commitment technique) trained coach