Clarity and Direction

Woman’s Success Club

Are you a successful and satisfied Professional Woman?

One of our greatest challenges, as women in business today is that we have so many options, obligations and offerings available to us. Narrowing these down whilst meeting our professional vision and keeping true to ourselves can be daunting and demanding.
The Women’s Success Programme provides an opportunity to stop, pause and reflect on who we are, to gain clarity about what we are really seeking and setting the direction to get there. This may be around our own personal effectiveness, leadership, career or business pathways; or….. we may just wish to listen to ourselves more often.

The Women’s Success Club Programme

Day 1
1 day workshop – today is all about YOU – It is a day of discovery and reunion with ourselves. Learn practical techniques to improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Day 2
2 hour re-unite session (approx 2 weeks later) to share successes, learnings and define ongoing personal strategies.

One to one Coaching
1 hour personal coaching session per participant – may be taken at any stage throughout the programme.

Success Club Group
Participants invited to create/join an ‘Encouragement’ Group for ongoing support.

So what will I gain?

  • Define what success and satisfaction could be for YOU
  • Discover the value of your own energy
  • Use time to work less and get more done
  • Minimise stress and maximise resourcefulness
  • Create and experience amplified balance in your life
  • Boost self confidence and resiliency
  • Grow clarity, direction purpose and focus
  • Say yes to you more often
  • Create positive new habits to serve you going forward
  • Create realistic and relevant goals
  • Have fun!